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Thanks to BitTorrents you can download files that you normally wouldn’t be able to download because your bandwidth doesn’t allow it. If not, stay tuned as you’ll learn various tips and tricks to boost BitTorrent downloading speed. Well, Torrent trackers were the servers that track the peer who is available when you added the torrent file to the client. Torrent trackers enhance the communication between the client and peers to send the downloads.

Similarly, if you want other torrents to download slower than this particular torrent, you change their Bandwidth Allocation to Low. Torrents have been around for longer than we can imagine. Even when there were no streaming platforms available online, there were torrents. There are torrents for pretty much everything – from our favorite movies and TV shows to the best games and software; there’s hardly anything you can’t download using torrents. But there are few tricks to increase your uTorrent download speed. OK, those are all the tricks I’d like to share with you to speed up uTorrent, not only for downloading but also for uploading.

How to Download Albums & Playlists for Offline Playback

Original poster had utorrent installed to non-normal localtion with no uninstall option in normal programs/features list and it was running on startup. “I used uTorrent to transfer files between my personal computer and work PC, but now I do not need it anymore, how to delete uTorrent completely? ” As a popular file-sharing client, uTorrent lives up to its name, but there are issues concerning privacy and legality surrounding the application. Another problem is that getting rid of the application is not that easy. Sometimes, it also tries to install third-party applications. You have now manually uninstalled all the uTorrent application files, folders, and registry from your Windows 10 PC.

Each file has its defined set of permissions which dictate how the application is to be used and which user groups have the permissions to modify it. We can change the permissions of the uninstall executable and see if this does the trick. Do note that you will require administrator privileges to perform this solution. You can try uninstalling the application in safe mode if all the above solutions don’t work for you. There is no UAC in safe mode and it can be used to uninstall the application without any restrictions.

How to uninstall uTorrent from the current user software?

And then you will think that you should have just bought the thing or just downloaded it for three days with the VPN on. Please help us spread the word by sharing this article and telling your family, friends, and colleagues. Much like VPNs, Seedboxes are relatively inexpensive, although this will vary depending on the storage space you need and the server speeds you require.

For getting the maximum download speed, keep it unlimited. Right-click on the torrent, and a new tab with options will appear. Click Next and select the default options throughout the installation. Torrents are the most dangerous part of the whole P2P file-sharing equation. The Internet is packed with malicious files waiting for unsuspecting downloaders, and uTorrent offers zero protection against them.

The good news is that is you are Mac user you can go ahead and use open the Transmission preferences and go to the Peers Panel. In the Blocklist section, you will see the Prevent Known Bad Peers options, check that, and you are a lot more protected than before. By having this option check, you are ensuring that any other users you connect to will utilize encryption and your internet service provider is not going to throttle you.

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