About Us

Since the company’s establishment in 1995, we have built the reputation as one of the most highly professional general contractors in the industry. We have been simultaneously executing contracts spread over versatile geographical areas in the Eastern & Central Province. This has enriched our experience in designing, planning, mobilization of manpower and equipment to excel the optimum standards of performance and competitiveness, while creating a positive outlook of the environment around us.

Sanetec has a specialized selected team of engineers and planners that consistently contribute their best of expertise in every project. Our involvement in projects is flexible and we can handle any detailed amount of responsibilities that is contracted with us. We can supply, test and install the required component parts, or take your concept from a paper proposal to a complete operational system on time that meets the specifications and is within the constricted budget. We provide a complete portfolio for the type of contracting service which matches your company’s needs within the time frame and quality of standards.


We also apply the concepts of our services by keeping in mind that the services we provide how it will impact the environmental friendly and by using the latest advance construction techniques, with the latest equipment’s. Our service is not just limited to commercial projects but also extends to individual homes, residential and private sectors. Managing and maintaining the different projects and work sites located hundreds of kilometers away in various areas has never been easier. Thanks to our database and advanced telecommunication systems, we place up-to-date information on continuous and efficient work progress at our fingertips.


Our Mission

The mission of Sanetec is to serve our communities more effectively by placing the requirements of our customers, suppliers and associates, as our upmost top priority, without jeopardizing the importance of safety and quality.

Our Vision

Building a constructive impact on the environment around us is our (the General Contractors) responsibility. This is Sanetec’s concept and foundation in the infrastructure field is to build a future for generations to come.